Monday, May 26, 2014

Uneasy coexistance

The giant is howling and rolling on the ice
The moonlight bathed valley is basking in the glory
The lone archer is ready and starts aiming
treacherously cold and windy is the night
His gaze fixed and breaths controlled
In the ambience of the grand fight.

The freezing wind swirls punishingly
The monster laughs menacingly
The night is alive in the great duel
It’s the duel.

Cry wicked beast for thou art powerful now
Let the day break and I destroy thee
This duel within me for so long I fought
For now is the time I vanquish thee I vow

But alas! the valley again covered by the pervading darkness
The archer returns as does the monster
So another day another night another duel
For now the uneasy uncomfortable coexistence foolishness.