Monday, May 12, 2014


Life flows like the unstoppable course of a river till it attains its final destination merging with eternity. As the river loses its identity when it mingles with the sea, the life becomes eternal when we merge with eternity. Is that all about our lives, a beginning and an end? Are we born to wait for our transition from temporal to timelessness, from mundane to the singularity? What is it then that we strive for in our lives? We strive to live life in its fullest extent, be it happiness or sorrow, melody or melancholy. I know this sounds like an exaggeration but when we sit down and reflect, we can acknowledge that ultimately we all are in the pursuit of happiness. To enrich our lives. The money, the fame whatever it is, it’s an enrichment.

In our journey on this earth we encounter friends and foes, prosperity and adversity, but we are compelled to move. We are powerless to hold the ceaseless flow of time, our alignment with the universe lies with accepting the trend of time and to move on. Time heals everything similarly time kills everything. Our life has an expiry date and it’s an unchangeable, non-negotiable truth. It’s our choice to be useful or worthless in life. Ultimately in the currents of this universe we are mere mortals, but with a significance.

The basic idea is to work and to move on in life. No matter what tragedy or ill luck we face, we must understand that we are neither the first nor the last to experience such disaster. Sometimes when the personal pain is unbearable try to generalize it and feel sorry for the persons who have felt the same anguish before you. That helps to cut down the pain. The aim is to get over the suffering and establish equilibrium and balance in life. We face problems, losses, fights, mental anxieties every day and in spite of everything we live and work and still dream of good days. The day we lose our dreams we are dead.

Living a peaceful and prosperous life is not an end to be achieved, but it’s a process of finding happiness, pleasure and mental peace in everyday life. There is no magic moment post which life changes for good. But everyday should be a conscious effort to be balanced in life with mental equilibrium and avoiding the extremes of emotion either good or bad. Mental peace and happiness in daily life comes through practice. Practice to be happy, practice to avoid unhappiness, practice to do good work and practice to control the thoughts.

No matter in whatever situation we are in, we have to either cure it or endure it and there is no third option. THE CHOICE IS OURS.

Keywords: inspiration, daily living, happiness, mental peace