Saturday, May 17, 2014

Life after death

Beside the roaring river roll the spirits
Of the deceased men and women and kids
What their lives might have been what mysteries they kept hidden
Each might have lived a happening life deserving its merit.
The sunny mornings come and go charmingly yet motionless for them
The rain drops fall and the earth fragrances full
The breeze flows silently or violently
But it’s all hush hush silence for them.
What a life they might have lived
Full of sound and fury pomp and glory
Now but rolling spirits on the banks of the roaring river
Do they hope ? Do they dream ? Do they scream?
Even their near and dear loved ones dread their dream and scream
Nothing changes
The village temple bells ring
The dawn darts in and the dusk darts out
The pinkish hue is created everyday by sun rising
The world moves on but they are missing
Are they dead or it’s life after death brimming