Saturday, May 31, 2014

There is duality but proceed


Satan stares and sighs sluggishlyThe yawn fades slowly
Then the jaws droop and the lids fall
The steam moves on ecstatically

The air goes thinner and the bliss thicker
the dark clouds  lurk beneath
And the rainfall and windy ways
Become hazy and bleaker

But the ways taught me to walk
To strive further and further
The sharpest gravels and sweetest dreams to counter
The baby steps it took care of
My biggest misdeeds were forgiven off.
And it carved my paths
infused in me the strength to traverse off

Why then my steps quiver
Why then I feel the shudder
Thinking about my melancholic sojourn.

The labyrinth of life spun perplexing and wide
The lone traveller searches it's fate
With hopelessness  and hope like ebb and tide.