Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Put out the lamp and let him sleep
For he has been awake dreaming the whole night
Now it's dawn approaching
And he has to start a new day after this short sleep.
Down on his nerves he tried to sleep off his worries
But they grew exponentially beyond control
With his heart pounding breaths racing
He wakes up and decide
To dream to replace his worries
The magic he discovered
To dream of sunny days when everything is dark
When everything seems hopeless
Commit to extraordinary hard work

Sunday, July 13, 2014


In that rage he darted out from home, from life from his country
Now a vast and endless road lies ahead
He feels like lifeless looking at the road ahead
Not ready to bid adieu to his own country

But then what will he do here
That's the question he need answer
If not here where
That's another question another answer

Pure demons he has fought
In his thoughts though and imaginations
Now at the start of this endless road
Real courage and real heroism he sought

There are these devils around
 Make things worse and find still no peace
For even God can't treat the mind unsound

But he can't regret coming out in a fit of rage
For that path is his way of life, his passage

Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Efforts that matter

Has your boss told you harsh things? Has your senior tried to show you how incompetent or ignorant you are? Has your colleague passed some really bad comment to you out of sheer jealousy or intolerance? ………….

These are some of the situations we face in our professional lives every day – someone trying to belittle us, humiliate us or simply exploit us. These are practical problems. We need to find solutions to them. We vehemently search for solutions. We ask friends, parents, colleagues for solution. Because normal human beings without psychiatric disorders can’t remain sane for a long time under the stress of constant problems. So we need solutions.
The types of solutions to professional problems can be of two types: remove the external factors like change your job, stop going to places, stop interacting with disturbing people. But these are not always possible in a professional life.
The other solution lies within us, that is behaving according to the merit of the problem – like ignoring some, protesting some and enduring some. The aim of doing all this is to maintain peace and balance in our own lives and continuing our progress in life. Otherwise we might get so busy solving problems that we may forget to develop.
We humans as long as we are on this earth, we will have conflicts. Just recollect world history and you will see that human history is by and large history of wars and conflicts. See the world now, almost half of the world is ravaged by war and one human torturing or killing another human being. The number of humans dying due to natural disasters and non-human animals is nothing compared to the numbers killed by fellow humans. I know, I sound disturbing. But what I want to say is that there is and there will always be conflicts. You may change your job, your place – but then a new set of unanticipated problems will arise at the new place.
The best policy is to change ourselves, make ourselves more battle-ready and capable of handling stressful situations. Live in this world but don’t be of the world. There will always be “gol maal” (meaning trouble) in this world – leave the gol (meaning zero) and pick-up the maal (gain).
We have to actively choose between the various options available as solutions for a problem. The best option is to put all your efforts to solve it. If trying to solve a problem is not the best option available, we can ignore it. Like we can ignore the bad remarks of a colleague who is acting out of jealousy. We have to endure some problems for some time as we have our own motives. Whatever is the path we choose, we must remember that nothing comes easily. Every bit of mental effort you are putting towards the solution of a problem needs your attention and energy. The solution lies in our EFFORTS, EFFORTS AND EFFORTS. The path you choose is not fixed and it need not be. Because none can predict, not even you, what situations you will face today. But to be capable of handling it and not losing mental balance is what our aim is. The outcome may not always be favourable to you, but you can be happy considering the amount of effort you put into solving the problem. We all want our lives to be smooth. We all tend to believe in “live and let live”. But somehow every day we face many unnecessary problems from other fellow men.

Take your time, write down your present concerns. Analyse each problem and write down the possible solutions and you may find a better answer. There is an old saying “If you want to know what your destiny is, then watch out where you are investing your time.” So invest your time and energy in search of a better life and you will find one. In the end your efforts and experiences are all yours and nobody can take that from you.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Destiny's child

Some thoughts arise haphazardly, some wild ideas and dreams run
Run amok run amok
The more I try to catch the more the shun
But I run following them 
My life my dream-run

One day as the child I had a dream to reach the stars
The stars glow and I sit their shadows
Think and recollect what I dreamt and what I got
Are not much different someone in my ears whisper
I turn back to see who was that

Then I realized it was destiny
Against which I have no mutiny
As I am the child of destiny

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The jungle

Don't go in that direction there is a jungle there
Heard it so many times so far
But my feet unknowingly drag me to the jungle
For in my mind dwells the question
What lies there? What lies there?

If life is a discovery why not me go there
See the green foliages the frugiferous trees , the blooms of spring
The thorns so sharp
The dreaded man-eating trees
The deathly spheres

In the dead of the night we hear
The sweet songs of the silence
And the piercing cries
And we wonder are ghosts there?

The day is not far
As the jungle I will enter
For I have to discover
This life and what lies there.

I try to unravel the mysteries
And I will share with all my stories.

Dr. Anupam Jena